COVID-19 Safe Video Production

Easy solutions for both edited and live-streaming video content using coronavirus-safe protocols

Remote Interview/Stream Kit: Starting at $750/day + labor

Using smart new technologies such as face-detect autofocus and 4K HDMI capture, we can mail out a disinfected, pre-configured camera kit with lighting and sound that's ready-to-shoot and easy to use out of the box, even if you've never touched a camera before. With our guidance via video call, we can help anyone set up a great looking shot and record full-quality 4K footage, or go live on nearly any platform such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc… with broadcast quality picture and sound. We'll also monitor the recording process to maintain consistency. Contact us to get started or to see example frames from the kit.

Price List

  • Base package with one camera, remote-operated 15" MacBook, two hours of recording media, and a manually operated tungsten/daylight LED light: $750
  • Add a RGB tunable, remote operated light with larger softbox for $75
  • Add a full size, remote operated teleprompter (teleprompter operator not included) for 175
  • Add a second camera, with tripod and monitoring for $250
  • Add double the recording media runtime (four hours) for $100
  • Director of Photography labor including scout, setup, shoot, and teardown for one subject, up to ten hours, spread out over up to three days $1300
  • Shipping cost varies from approximately $200-$850 each way, depending on speed and location


• Conduct face-to-face interviews via Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, or any other popular video call system

• Monitor the actual footage from the camera remotely, plus high quality audio

• Beautiful portrait-style image with shallow focus, great color, and wide dynamic range

• Wired lav mic for simple operation and pristine sound

• Pre-configured setup including auto focus, exposure, and white balance; so all you need to do is press record on the provided remote

Social Distance Near-Site Interview/Stream Service: Custom Package

Using the latest Sony 6K professional full-frame, face-detect autofocus video camera, the FX9, we can setup near a location up to 100' away, even outside, and provide on-site support and remote camera operation to ensure the perfect shot. Being nearby (within Bluetooth range) adds the option to aim the camera remotely as if an operator were manning the pan/tilt, as well as make manual adjustments to the camera settings for an even better image. It also allows for more complex lighting setups that would be difficult to put in the mail. We can do this while staying 6' away from others, and avoiding contact with any shared surfaces. The exact equipment required varies with the content, so please get in touch for a quote.


• The latest 6K, full-frame cinema camera with amazing face-detect autofocus

• Near-site guidance and and operation gets professional results faster and with less stress

• Conduct face-to-face interviews via Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, or any other popular video call system

• Monitor the actual footage and audio in realtime over the video call service of your choice

Livestream Consulting

Want to use livestreaming to connect to the world, or just up your video call game? We can help you with your strategy and get your gear game on point.

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